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Watermark Factory 2.0, Not Only Watermarks  

 The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines «watermark» as «a marking in paper <...> visible when the paper is held up to the light». However, this program, named Watermark Factory, allows adding various marks, visible not only «up to the light» but in any situation, to your images.

   Such «watermarks» act as the real watermarks in terms of copyrighting (a «watermarked» image can not be stolen; at least, that would be much harder to have been done). You can also use the software for adding the «non-copyright» information — photography date, comments, names, etc.

   Let’s take a closer look at the very process. First of all, you open the images to be watermarked. Then, input the watermarks themselves — those can be either lines of text or images. Next, select the watermark placement (it can be placed either manually or tiled or auto-fit automatically), rotation angle, and opacity.

   Voila! — Have any number of images watermarked in a few moments. Keep in mind the program’s capabilities to have the watermarked images edited one way or the other (for example, resized or cropped) and auto-renamed right during process.

   And now, I suppose, you know that adding marks to your images requires no water. Only Watermark Factory software.

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