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The Swiss Army Knife of watermark creation - Sharp!

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Excellent batch conversion utility, able to do multiple files, with rename and special effects on par with Adobe Photoshop.
Needs a fair amount of tweaking to get the effects correct and not totally distroying the original image.

Here is the review for Watermark Factory.
They claim to be the Swiss Army Knife of watermark creation. Let's see how many tools you get with it.
Setup is fairly standard with no surprises.

From the Web Site: this tool will be useful for everybody dealing with digital pictures because it contains a lot of features such as:

- One step to process large number of photos
- Batch renaming
- Batch resizing
- Batch converting
- Rotating
- Batch cropping: You can define a crop window for each picture and batch crop them.
- Control your output size while you are creating watermarks
- The built-in watermark gallery
- Auto file info: Stamp your photos with filename
- Auto date: Stamp your photos with date picture taken
- Image effects
- Various graphic formats
- NEW!: EXIF Information support

So let's load some sample pictures. I have a folder with Linux screenshots I use on eBay. I don't want other people to copy and use them in their eBay auctions, so this would be a perfect application ato brand my screenshots as mine.

Here I have loaded some pictures in the CaOS / CentOS folder. Let's see what we can do with them.. Rotate the picture left or right. Crop the picture.

Also you can apply "Styles and Masks" for extra effect. This is another nice feature, and places it up with Photoshop or The GIMP.

Applying some effects to a sample logo, I can distort it to be unrecognisable from the original! This could come in handy for somebody.

Under options, we have the choice of resizeing images to a fixed size, smart-cropping, as well as sharpen images, rename images, auto-rename, and replace alpha-channel by color. There is more options as well under auto-rename. Add prefix, sufix, and auto-rename to a different folder as well. Very nice feature for mass graphic conversions.

I applied the logo I created to the input file and made a new folder to hold the results. Most of the files had a nice "translucent" see-through effect and my logo superimposed over the image. Very nice.
Some of the files, however, were pretty badly mangled by the watermarks. Some others came out ok, in fact it was a good enough to send up to eBay and use. All of the file in the trial version had graphic that proclaimed "Watermark Factory Trial Version" boldly across the bottom. That sort of makes them un-usable for my application, unless I purchace the product. Now that I see waht it can do, I just might go for it.


Worth the money if you do a lot of digital images and need to prevent outright copying and theft of your images.

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