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Watermark Factory

This powerful, yet very easy-to-learn shareware is capable of placing texual or graphic watermarks on images, with a whole host of selectable properties. As one of its major strengths, Watermark Factory can handle a large number of files en masse through watermarking templates called "profiles", which came particularly handy in the making of the Taubman Center Movie. Among the kick-rear features also leveraged in this project is the software's ability to include date and/or time information in the watermark, which is based on either the file's creation time or the picture's shooting time (the latter is extracted from the Exif metadata inside the picture file, if any).

Note: The savvy reader may notice that there is no need for the filenames to contain the exact date and time a live cam picture was captured, because the Watermark Factory gets this info from the file creation date. Indeed, the timestamping of filenames is only necessary to make sure that the consecutively downloaded files will not overwrite each other. Timestamping is a very convenient way to generate unique filenames, without any heavy-duty script programming. However, because of a limitation in Windows scripting, which does not make the seconds value of a file's modification time available, the method only works if at most 1 file per minute is produced.


Peter Csaszar, Ph.D.

Lawrence Technological University
Electrical & Computer Engineering Department

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