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No you CAN't use my pictures for your EBay auction....

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Now everyone knows that it is YOUR picture!
Too bad you can't watermark your kids so that nobody can kidnap them.

When I first saw this program I was stoked! Here WAS my dilemma. I do a lot of things on EBay. Sometimes I sell things that other people sell too. What happens when you put up an auction and someone else uses your picture for their auction of the exact same item? Now it looks like there are two identical items up for auction with the exact same pictures. When that happens, you can't set yourself apart from everyone else's auctions. That lessens your chance of selling your items.

Then came Watermark Factory! I had seen other people use watermarks in their auction pictures so that no one could "use" them. When I say "use" I mean "steal". I just never knew how to do it. I, by accident, came across Watermark Factory and let me tell you...I WAS HAPPY! It is so easy to use that even a novice EBayer (or whatever you are) might need to use it for. All I did was made myself a logo in Photoshop (you can use whatever program you like) and used Watermark Factory to watermark (overlay) my auction pictures with my logo!

Now NOBODY can use my pitures without my logo being on it! I would just like to put a big thank you out there to Media Resizer for making such a lifesaving program. Without this, I probably would have gone on trying to keep all of my auction photos from being taken by everyone else just because they were too lazy to find their own!


If you are always using pictures for EBay, presentations, etc. I strongly recommend this program. That way...if anyone uses your picture...you and everyone else will know it!

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