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Subject: your 3D portrait

This may be considered an advertisement but I'd rather say an

Next time you are in Paris, France,think about having your 3D portrait
done. As far as I know, its the only place on earth where this is
possible, thanks to Alioscopy, a new technology for high quality
3d images.

A 3D portait is a photographic picture that can be seen in 3D without
the need of goggles, unlike classic stereoscopy.

3D portrait existed back in the 1950'and a couple of hollywood stars had
their 3d portrait done at that time. The shooting was quite complicated
and the system disappeared with its inventor, Maurice Bonnet.

Today, Alioscopy is used for large still pictures or 3d display, with
photos, videos or 3D CGI content. It's considered one of the best
autostereocopic system in the world, if not the best.

The "human portrait" business is new, still small, but the results are


Get more info at http://www.alioscopy.com


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