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Subject: time of day for your shooting

Question: do you see more quality shots using color film if you shoot
early and late in the day versus mid afternoon.

I exclusively try to limit my shooting to times when the sunlight is
warm and colorful. I've lost too many good compositions because of the
harsh direct afternoon light. I have had great shots taken at mid day
but usually under specific compositons - under shade or cloud cover, or
places where reflections are preferred such as water surfaces, river
beds with bright colored dirt, etc.

But in general, I prefer dusk/dawn shooting becasue of the warmer
results - and the creativity seems to be pumping more because of the
more vibrant colors. Also, I like to take into the cost of film and
devolping/processing charges. It's a waste when you only get 1-2
keepers per roll. The % should be higher if you want to make a profit.

Any thoughts on this? Agree/disagree?



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Re: time of day for your shooting

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