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Subject: South African Models

Hi all

I'm very new to this group and I've found most of the topics quite
interesting. I don't want you to think that this post is for
advertising purposes, but since I'm from South Africa, I'd just like
some constructive crit on our fashion website project.

We basicly run a website, called Akkerliefies (translated to Acorn
Lovelies). We're based in the lovely student town called Stellenbosch
University campus. We have a lot of acorn trees here and they are quite
symbolical of the town and therefor the name.

The website features amateur student models aged 18 - 26 in various
bikini, glamour and fashion shoots. None of the models we have used had
previous modelling experience and we use student photographers and
makeup artists.

I'd just like any comments on the website and how it compares to
similar international projects. Also any suggestions regarding
improvements would be greatly appreciated.

The website's address is: http://www.akkerliefies.co.za

Hope you can help.


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Re: South African Models

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