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Subject: Scoville Hits Another High Note

On 8 Apr 2006 18:36:07 -0700
PunkOuter889@aol.com opined:

> Lionel Lauer
> Photo of Lionel: http://www.pbase.com/image/24049356
> His g00k bitch: http://www.pbase.com/image/21824086
Just when you think that Scoville couldn't possibly be more odious,
he posts the above.

Tell me, Mr. Scoville, is it your custom to make pejorative
references to Asians and women?

Tell me, Mr. Scoville, are you a misogynist or just a bigot?

Tell me, Mr. Scoville, are these ignorant references limited to
Asians and women or do they extend to others.

Tell me, Mr. Scoville, is your intolerance indicative of the content
on your pay-per-view, spamvertised web site?

And this nitwit has the nerve to whine about "punks", "vermin" and
"slime." Where I come from, they call that chutzpah.

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