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Subject: Rock Climb Safely and Successfully

If you practice rock climbing you never get bored, because there are so
many routes to climb.
This is the ultimate physical challenge. Each day on the rock is an
opportunity for you to push your limits, go beyond the skills you
already have and explore more difficult routes.
Adventure and freedom. Most climbers are also searching for adventure
and freedom. The feeling that you are free to choose when and where to
go is great
Extraordinary nature and scenery. When the climber is looking for new
routes to climb, he inevitably will come across unexpectedly beautiful
scenery and nature. And also when you've reached the top of a climb you
have a breathtaking view that not many people will ever get to enjoy!
You need to learn:
Climbing Classifications - different climbs for different people!
Types of climbing - all the popular types, including traditional,
sport, solo and more, are all covered in depth.
How to choose the best clothes and equipment for your climb
How to prepare your body for your next climb
How to prepare for hazards and accidents
Key things to do before climbing


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