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Subject: Re: tips on getting started making $ with photography

G'day from Australia. I have been reading this thread with great interest.
Be prepared for disappointments and nasty politics. I submitted slides to 2
large government departments that raved about the ones they wanted. When it
came time to cough up the $$$'s they changed their tune. My wife and self
viewed their web sites with their promotional photos and they were very
mediocre compared to mine. One of the government department's staff member
who viewed my slides had actually taken most of the pics on their web site.
An earlier poster, very wisely posted that you need exposure to the public
even if it means that you print enlargements and frame at your own expense
and give them to hospitals, libraries, cafes etc (with obvious copyright
restrictions). Also if you want to make money from photography look at
shooting some weddings as an assitant to a pro photographer. Money for pro
photographers shooting weddings is good coin over here, dont know what it is
over there though. Hang in there mate and don't be discouraged. Take your
camera with you everywhere you can. Often a prizewiinner/killer shot is
being at the right place at the right time.

Cheers from Downunder

"Kernix" wrote in message
> Matt wrote:
>> I combined my writing and photography when I decided to become what I
>> am now (mostly a photographer) so that I could sell to magazines.
> Yeah, I know a writer photographer as well. I have not had any of my
> writings published, but I know I could improve my changes by merging a
> concise article with photos, or vice versa.
> Thanks,
> Jim


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