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Subject: Re: tips on getting started making $ with photography

I combined my writing and photography when I decided to become what I
am now (mostly a photographer) so that I could sell to magazines. Rough
road--magazines--editors are obsessively picky. It's just a tad bit
better when you write about your photographers. Easier yet are niche
publications--write and photograph about what you know.

In order to sell your photographs start with subjects/objects that
people will take to in your community. It can be anything really (I
started photographing mid-century motel signs).

Before I knew it (and after I got a MA in Creative Arts), I woke up
this morning and (every morning since my book hit the bookstores)
realized that I'm an author, a real live author. Sure it's a Dummies
book, but so what--a book's a book.

Now I sell my photos to stores, promote my book and wait for two other
projects that I have in the line to get some hits from some publishers
(a reeealllly tough game).

To see some photos, the name of the book, and, of course, those bright
spots of my career--the mid-century motel signs go to mattbamberg.com
(don't forget to click on blog as that's way too fun.)


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Re: tips on getting started making $ with photography

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