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Subject: Re: tips on getting started making $ with photography

"Kernix" wrote in message
> Any ideas on how to sell my photos? I've reseached a # of magazines.
> Should I build a website? How about art festivals? Other ways?
> Jim
Jim: It probably depends more on the type of photos you have. If you have
for example funny pictures of animals, art fairs would be a good place.
Nice scenic shots might sell there too. If you have people shots, then you
might want to get into stock photography but that is a saturated business,
but there is always room for the right person. By the way, stock covers a
lot of territory, from magazines to textbooks to industry periodicals to you
name it. For decoration type photos you will probably need to have them
enlarged to at least 16 X 20 but 20 X 24 or bigger might be better.
(Hopefully your camera can take the enlargements of that size.) I don't
think you can just narrow it down to one place and you might need to read a
few books on whatever you decide to do. Good luck. Ric in Wisconsin.


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Re: tips on getting started making $ with photography

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