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Subject: Re: time of day for your shooting

> I exclusively try to limit my shooting to times when the sunlight is
> warm and colorful. I've lost too many good compositions because of the
> harsh direct afternoon light. I have had great shots taken at mid day
> but usually under specific compositons - under shade or cloud cover, or
> places where reflections are preferred such as water surfaces, river
> beds with bright colored dirt, etc.
> But in general, I prefer dusk/dawn shooting becasue of the warmer
> results - and the creativity seems to be pumping more because of the
> more vibrant colors. Also, I like to take into the cost of film and
> devolping/processing charges. It's a waste when you only get 1-2
> keepers per roll. The % should be higher if you want to make a profit.
> Any thoughts on this? Agree/disagree?
> Jim

Its a matter of quality of light, quality of the exposure. Dawn/dusk has a
contrast range within the capabilities of the recording instrument, whether
that is film, digital or even our eye. soft light means more saturated
colors, less burnt out highlights and deep shadows


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