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Subject: Re: scanning negs & slides...

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Bill Mutch wrote:

> Kernix wrote:
> > I have a Minolta Dimage 35mm film scanner and I end up having to do a
> > lot of work in Photoshop to remove the dust specs. Without building a
> > clean room of sorts, does anyone have any tips on how to reduce the
> > amount of dust on my shots?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Jim
> >
> I also have a Minolta scanner, a DualScan Two. I have my scanner and
> negative handling area covered with a sheet of thin aluminium grounded
> via an alligator clip and 1 megohm resistor to the ground of the power
> strip. I've rigged a dust hood of cardboard over the negative/slide
> carrier port on the front of the scanner. I clean the negs/slide witha
> 1" static master brush and then give them a puff of canned air on both
> sides just before I seat the carrier in the scanner. This does not get
> rid of *all* the dust, but it helps a whole lot.

Tap the edge of the neg strip sharply on the desk, this will discharge
any static. Next use a blower brush to remove dust.

Handling negs at all time with lint-free gloves helps too.

If you have the time and space, try soaking the negs in warm soapy water
for a minute or two. Remove the excess water by sliding the strip
between your index finger and thumb (actually better than a film
squeegee!). hang to dry with paper clips in a cleaned closet or a film
drying cabinet.


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