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Subject: Re: scanning

In article <1136822455.928693.137400@g49g2000cwa.googlegroups.com>,
"alexdigital" wrote:

> Is it better to scan in a 35mm negative to the original size or to
> select a target size like 4x6 before it imports into Photoshop? Or is
> better to just scan in the 4x6 photo prints from the developer? The
> file size must be under 100mb. The inkjet prints will be around 11x14.

Original size? an inch by an inch and a half?

Scanning is all about pixels. Low-end scanner scan at around 2400 pixels
per inch meaning a full frame 35mm neg or slide would be around
3500x2400 pixels (8 megapixels after a small crop)

Minolta and Nikon make more expensive scanners which scan at a much
higher resolution. The Nikon has a feature which deletes dust motes from
the scan.
printing at 11x14 at 300 dpi = 3300x4200 pixels - around 14 megapixels.

Check ebay for second-hand scanners. Most people buy scanners when they
switch from film to digital, so have a finite number of negs. As soon as
they have scanned everything they want, the scanner becomes unused.


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