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Subject: Re: raincoats for cameras?

I made mine from ripstop and custom made the shape to fit the different
systems I have. I used a sewing machine but you could use waterproof glue.


"Bill Mutch" wrote in message
> bill frogg wrote:
>> Can anyone tell me about availability of rain covers for slr (largish)
>> cameras?
>> Not a submersible cover, more like a rainhat??? Does anybody sell them
>> or should I get out the sewing machine and the goretex?
>> bill frogg
> Hoya used to market a really good one. It was a bag of heavy gauge,
> clear, very flexable vinyl, with an elastic aperature which would fit
> around a good sized zoom lens, and an eyepiece window located in a well
> chosen spot. You could put both hands in thru the open bottom of the bag
> to work the camera controls. These were moderately priced (<$15) and
> worked quite well. I lost mine somewhere. Unfortunately I haven't seen
> them advertised for a decade or more. Market opportunity !!


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