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Subject: Re: flash/optical slave problem

On Sat, 28 Jan 2006 20:21:03 -0800, "zeitgeist"

>> I bought 2 Sigma EF-500 ST flashes for my Pentaxes. I ve the TTL
>> flash, but they don't behave very well with optical slaves on them...
>> they'll fire about every 4th or 5th flash from my master... even
>> with it inches away.
>> It's the same no matter what optical slave I use (I own 4 or 5), or
>> what flash they're on. I also have 2 Vivtar 285 flashes, and they
>> fire every time when on the same slave.
>seems like the internet requires people to make a snarky comment so here
>sigma, well duh.
>but I'm wondering if there is a voltage level problem, or if the polarity is
>wrong. with HH blade plugs you could pull it and reinsert the other way and
>quite often fix the problem.
>this reply is echoed to the z-prophoto mailing list at yahoogroups.com

Seemingly you don't like Sigma. Do you recommend a particular brand?

Anyways, if it was a polarity issue, they wouldn't work on my
camera... they behave just as they should when mounted on a hot shoe
(TTL, etc), but not the slaves. Plus, they won't fit on the other

Thanks for your response anyways...


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