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Subject: Re: copyright?

> My pictures have been on the web for years,
> and I have discovered no problem with anyting
> being 'stolen'. The nature of the internet,
> and the nature of a website, is to send out
> material for download. Do we really expect
> recipients to erase everything? Obviously
> people will keep what they like. The whole
> point used to be to get people to keep what
> they liked!

While we're on the topic...
Last night I found a site that has several of my photos (links to my photos
on my site) and it shows the size of the pictures... unfortunately it seems
to be a Russian site, so I don't know what it's all about. Is there anyone
here who reads Russian?

The pics are not that great, but should I be worried? I've found several of
my photos are included on other sites, with the link to my jpg on my server.


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