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Subject: Re: Writing off gear?

Carlo Coggi wrote:
> I am an advanced amateur photographer and will be taking an 'extreme
> adventure' vacation this summer. A friend of a friend is editor of a
> well-known travel magazine who heard about my somewhat unique vacation
> and said that the magazine would be interested in seeing a spec
> article/photos about the trip.
> Business/Tax Question:
> Two months ago I sold my Canon 10D and bought a 30D and some related
> camera gear. If my photos and text are accepted for publication, can I
> then form a sole proprietorship or corporation and *retroactively*
> write-off the cost of my gear and trip?

Hmmm, cross-posted quite a bit and not enough information to give a
reasonable reply.

But assuming your question is legitimate (not a troll), then my guess
is that any tax savings are probably not worth the trouble. If you are
not going to save enough to make hiring a good tax advisor worth while,
why bother?


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