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Subject: Re: Writing off gear?

In article , Thomas T. Veldhouse
>In rec.photo.equipment.35mm David Littlewood wrote:
>> *In my case, 20 years as a tax professional in the UK. Though I have not
>> practised as such for a few years, the basic principles in this area do
>> not change much. Nevertheless, I only offer it as general guidance. Tell
>> us which country you live in and you may get some more specific advice.
>He posts from Road Runner in New York City or the vacinity ... so your answer
>is the US I believe.

Ah yes - it is usually US resident posters who don't think it necessary
to say where they live!

> Either way, if you bought the camera for personal use
>and plans to use it for personal uses after his extreme adventure, then
>basically a very very small portion of the camera would apply for business
>use. In general, I advise not trying to dodge the IRS for a couple of extra
>bucks. What is the most you can save on a 30D and accessories? At a 20% tax
>rate you might save $400? Is that worth forming a company and risking the
>wrath of the IRS because of its pseudo legitimate nature (if the system was
>used 5% of the time for business in practice, then that is only $20!).
Which is why I suggested discussing it with them. However, from what I
recall being told by my one-time US opposite numbers, the IRS is not
exactly a user-friendly organisation.

I certainly don't think it would be advisable to form a company, which
would be much more complex and expensive. Sorry, should have made that

David Littlewood


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