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Subject: Re: Update..How To Report Cyber Stalker, Richard Scoville (FreeSpeechStore.com) For Internet Abuse!

PunkOuter889@aol.com wrote:
> Here is another of the UseNet Vermin obsessed with Free Speech Store
> (FSS)

He follows several people around usenet posts his off-topic spews and
call them stalkers.

His sole purpose is to drum up business at $4 per "speech" to read his
criminal libel website.

Google has actually filtered out his website, so FSS is forced to use
the IP address to SPAM his site.

A search of the US Patent & Trademark Office reveals there is no =AE
Registered Trademark =99 of FreeSpeechStore.
Therefore my freedom of speech permits to use the term.
http://1134177796 mirror of FSS website


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