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Subject: Re: The Pervert's Last Message Topped Out at 1.2 MB!

dick-is-nuts000@hotmail.com wrote:
> Who does this moron think is going to read all that shit?
> Richard Morton Scoville is a MORON
> Kook is one thing but being a criminal something else.

Edited as there is no proof of that claim. There is clear proof in the
1.2MB missive that old Dick is a moron, a fool, a doofus, an imbecile
etc. Previous posts by Scoville shows him to be sexually repressed and
he considers sex as filthy.

There is also very clear proof that Richie is a redneck racist pig. He
sends a massive missive to 42 people included the legal and abuse
department of his own webhost. The Australian police, media and
Parliament where he call Lionel's girlfriend a "gook" I guess he was
watching "Tour of Duty" pretending that he was a Nam vet.

It is clear Dick likes to judge people by their appearance being the
shallow prick he is. However it is clear Dick doesn't own any mirrors,
as he is one butt ugly old fart.


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