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Subject: Re: Superior Technology: Foveon X3

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>Subject: Re: Superior Technology: Foveon X3
>Date: 25 Apr 2006 09:37:24 -0700
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Fuck off, Bowtie.

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>Based from what I've seen at the various posting sites, the Foveon
>works well. Better than the POS Bayer sensor does, anyways. For first
>generation, it does very well. They are having trouble scaling it up,
>I hear.
>Fuji has a new sensor coming out, (as in five years or so) based on
>organic sensors, that capture all the color information as well. Don't
>know if it will need anti-aliasing, etc, but at least it does not guess
>about the missing color, and then fill it in with crayon, as the Bayer
>does. :) Perhaps it will solve some other problems digital has as
>well, such as bit depth, and loss of fine detail. Yeah, those sky's
>sure are noise free, right? Just like the ones I paint with my
>watercolor set!
>Can't wait for good digital, but for now, slide film, scanned, is the
>way to go for me.
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