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Subject: Re: South African Models

It would be helpful to have the first picture load and stay there until the
next selection. Otherwise a nice site although for me the background is a
tad loud!


wrote in message
> Hi all
> I'm very new to this group and I've found most of the topics quite
> interesting. I don't want you to think that this post is for
> advertising purposes, but since I'm from South Africa, I'd just like
> some constructive crit on our fashion website project.
> We basicly run a website, called Akkerliefies (translated to Acorn
> Lovelies). We're based in the lovely student town called Stellenbosch
> University campus. We have a lot of acorn trees here and they are quite
> symbolical of the town and therefor the name.
> The website features amateur student models aged 18 - 26 in various
> bikini, glamour and fashion shoots. None of the models we have used had
> previous modelling experience and we use student photographers and
> makeup artists.
> I'd just like any comments on the website and how it compares to
> similar international projects. Also any suggestions regarding
> improvements would be greatly appreciated.
> The website's address is: http://www.akkerliefies.co.za
> Hope you can help.


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