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Subject: Re: S.E.A.L.S.

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"Darrell" wrote:

> "Rob Huibers" wrote in message
> news:wiek2kaiREMOVETHIS-1912051054590001@
> > S.E.A.L.S.
> > They call themselves S.E.A.L.S. (a duth acronym for Militant Ecological
> > Anarchist Human Shield). They are a group of activists who want to break
> > through police lines during demonstrations and actions, armed with shields
> > and helmets. This way they want to provoke police violence and mobilize
> > public opinion. They consider themselves non-violent. The photo was made
> > when they were in training, dressed in white overalls, helmets with white
> > imitation fur and cuddly toys. The shields were once G.D.R. riot police
> > gear.
> > Look for them on your TV screen during the next G7 or world trade summit.
> > http://www.photo.nl/
> In other words trouble makers that will cause a riot to escalate to the
> point that innocent protesters will get caught up and hurt. Police are there
> to protect people and property from idiots like S.E.A.L.S

Well yes, you've got to protect your investments and stocks.

But come on! He's got the right to publicize a photo opportunity just
like anyone else. After all, we've been screwing the third world since
the beginning of time and the blighters always get uppity when we try to
squeeze a bit more out of them.


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