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Subject: Re: Question about an old camera

On 2005-12-11 13:47:23 -0500, "Myrna" said:

> HI, I just found an old camera of mine and I wonder if I should just
> turn it in on the next electonics recycling day. It's a Minolta Autopak
> 600-x purchased in 1972 (!). Used cartridge film and flash cubes. Can
> anyone tell me if this has any value? And when I find my other oldies,
> what's the best way to find out if they should go to the recycle pile?
> Thanks,
> Myrna

The Autopak 600-x is a 126 (original instamatic size) camera. I think
the film supply for that, if not gone completely, is very nearly gone.
And I haven't seen flashcubes for many years. You can buy one used from
KEH for $1.49 (I checked). That, to me, is no value at all. If someone
wanted to buy it from KEH the shipping would be more than the camera.
Michael | "He's dead, Jim."


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Re: Question about an old camera

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