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Subject: Re: Printing - lab or printer

On Thu, 13 Apr 2006 09:22:30 +0200, "Catherine Milton"

>> >I have started prining my photos to sell at local tourist spots, and
>> >more-or-less decided to go with printing them myself on my HP psc 1315
>> >printer. Yesterday I was talking to a digital photgraphic place, and
>they said I shouldn't, as the phtots will deteriorate too soon, I should go
>with a lab, or professional printing company.
>> >Does anyone have any experience or advice to give me?

>> I would recommend you ask in comp.periphs.printers. There are long
>> conversations about printers and inks. Some of the regulars will point
>> you to places such as: http://www.wilhelm-research.com/
>> Just make sure to ignore or killfile a poster called 'Masekite'.

>I took your advice, but there haven't been any posts like that since I
>Very acerbic group!

>I've decided to print using my home pc for the cheap local market, and to
>see how they'll look, but to have them done in a lab for the more upmarket

From some posting of someone that wanted to do something similar I
seem to recall that the advice was similar to what the digital
photography place told you. I believe that the advice went along the
lines of using a good printer with a refillable cartridge, finding a
source of compatible inks (non OEM), using the appropiate paper, or
simply use a lab, particularly if it supposed to last. If repeat
customers are a consideration, and not just gifts for friends and
relatives, you might want to consider if fading will be an issue with
the prints made with the HP psc-1315.

-Apparently is important to match the ink and the paper. Some inks and
papers give better and more lasting results. Pigment based inks seem
to last longer than dye based inks, but can clog printers if not used

Another place that has been mentioned there is:

If you decide to post your question in the other group check what
Bob Headrick has to say about your printer. And remember to avoid



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