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Subject: Re: Portable Darkroom Ventilation

In article <120srukg4kqlra5@corp.supernews.com>,
zachary wrote:

> The drawing on page 35 of Jim Shull's,
> "Beginner's Guide to Pinhole Photography",
> shows a couple of ventilation holes about
> knee-high for a portable cardboard darkroom.
> How are those two holes constructed without
> letting in light?
> Maybe a better question for you experts is how
> do you make a couple of "air" holes in
> the box for ventilation but keeping the box
> light-free? I would be using it only for
> loading/unloading film or paper in the
> pinhole.

Many college darkrooms (for printing) have a baffle type entrance - 'z'
shaped and painted matt black - same for ventilation.

The ideal way to load film into spirals would be a changing bag.


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