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Subject: Re: Photographer's Toolbox

"Jerry L. Withers" wrote in message
> Hello everyone!
> I just wanted to announce the availability of my new book, "Photographer's
> Toolbox: The Photographer's Creative Journal and Reference Guide" (ISBN
> 1-4116-7673-4), which is designed to help sharpen your skills not only as
> a
> photographer, but also to help build a better portfolio and photography
> business.
> There is a limited time special offer on this book for purchasing directly
> from my web site at http://www.wdiphotography.com.
> Also be sure to sign up for my mailing list and receive FREE photography
> tips and more!

I'm sorry, but anyone harping on about their own wares such as yours and not
actively contributing freely, as do the rest of us, obviously isn't worth me
spending my hard earned cash on. Plus, I don't subscribe to spammers.


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