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Subject: Re: Photo size specification

On Sat, 14 Jan 2006, Steve Wolfe wrote:

SW> > I want to send a photo to a publication, Travel Trade Gazette in the UK.
SW> > They say the photo must meet the following specifications: 300 dpi, 150
SW> > mm on the longest side, and jpeg format.
SW> >
SW> > I find the mixture of imperial and metric rather odd and jpegs, which are
SW> > just a file of bits, don't have a physical length. Can I assume that
SW> > these are specifications for their printer and I should take 300 pixels x
SW> > 6 inches = 1800 pixels on the longest side, and then somehow embed some
SW> > metadata into the jpeg to make their printer function?
SW> It sounds like you're just trying to make it more difficult than it
SW> needs to be. If you're using photoshop, Click on Image, then Size, set 300
SW> DPI and 150mm for the long side, save your work, and you're done. C'est
SW> facile, no?
SW> steve

Thanks, but if you are providing blackbox instructions for specific
software rather than an explanation, perhaps you have instructions for the
Gimp or Image Magick? Then, after doing the incantations, I'll look and
see what has really happened.

As it turns out, the camera I used sets the metadata in the exif header to
300 dpi (curiously, my other camera sets 72 dpi), so all I have to do is
find if the 150 mm is set in the metadata or if it is a calculation
resulting from the dots per inch and the real pixel size of the


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