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Subject: Re: Photo restoration - how to deal with silvery sheen in parts of image?

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george@midnightisp.com says...
> Some 80 year old photos in my possession have an odd haze or sheen
> over some areas, mostly within a couple centimeters of the edge. The
> areas mostly affected are dark. Thus the shadow detail is obscured.
> The haze or sheen is not uniform, but more evident in some dark areas
> than other dark areas. It seems that areas sullied by fingerprints are
> less affected.
> The photos don't scan very well. The sheen is quite pronounced.
> The angle of light has an effect on the sheen, but I can't find an
> angle that gets rid of it satisfactorily to give me a good
> reproduction (by digital camera).
> Any suggestions?
> G.
Photos with surface problems don't scan well. You need to copy the
picture with a camera using the standard lighting setup. This is
two lights at about 45 degrees to the surface so there are no
visible reflections. In really bad cases you need to put polarizers
over the lights and a polarizer over the camera lens to eliminate
the reflections.
A search on copying or a visit to a library or book store will show
you all the details.
If you don't have too many, a professional service can do this for
Robert D Feinman
Landscapes, Cityscapes and Panoramic Photographs
mail: robert.feinman@gmail.com


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