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Subject: Re: Organizing My Photos for Market

"GrizFan1" wrote in message
> I have several hundred images I've scanned & burned on CD's & would
> like to market them to galleries, magazines (for covers), calendars,
> postcards, etc
Griz: What you need to do is not worry so much about how to present these
to buyers, but learn the trade a little. As for selling pictures to
magazines, a good place to start is going to www.photosource.com and reading
Stock Photography 101. There are a lot of issues. For example, a cover
shot with people can be considered advertising and thus would be a
commercial shot. If it has people, you might need a release. If it is used
inside as an editorial shot, you don't need it. As for galleries, you might
buy the book Photographers Market and look up in there what the galleries
want. Burning pictures to a CD might get you no where. If they get in 1000
pictures a day in nice portfolios, they will page through them in no time.
If they have to load up your CD and take a half hour to sort through them,
they may just toss the CD. Do a little research on the business so you are
not wasting your time and that of the people you are trying to reach. Also,
you didn't say what the pictures you have are of. If they are people on
snowmobiles, don't send them to Gardening Today. If they are flowers, don't
send them to Sno-Machine Magazine. Ric in Wisconsin.


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Re: Organizing My Photos for Market

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