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Subject: Re: Opinions of my photo please

Jaqian wrote:
> Hi after reading "Newbie Question about F Stops and Apertures" I tried
> messing around with the F-Stop/Shutter speed this morning and was
> wondering what you thought of this photo I took:
> http://static.flickr.com/38/87750547_72fc81d7f2_b.jpg I used a tri-pod
> and timer to avoid camera shake. I was trying to capture the colours of
> a sunrise even thjough was taken around 8:30am. Hope to get an earlier
> shot tomorrow.
> Exposure: 0.077 sec (1/13)
> Aperture: f/5.6
> ISO: 64
> More details here: http://www.flickr.com/photo_exif.gne?id=87750547

The concept is good. I think a much longer exposure would have made the
photo substantially better. A long exposure would have smoothed out the
choppy water and intensified the reflection of sky in water. As the
photo is now, the choppiness is very distracting to the subject of the
photo. It also is leaving a large dark space at the bottom with very
little interest. Here's a retouch:
I straightened the horizon. Curves Adjustment layer to increase exposure
slightly. Duplicated this layer and applied a strong motion blur. Erased
all but the water. Boosted saturation slightly.

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Re: Opinions of my photo please
Re: Opinions of my photo please

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