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Subject: Re: Opinions of my photo please

b.ingraham@shaw.ca wrote:
> Wow, is it ever hard to communicate in this manner! By "this test
> picture" I assume that you mean the one first posted by Jaqian, at
> http://static.flickr.com/38/87750547_72fc81d7f2_b.jpg? If that is what
> you are referring to, I agree with everything you say.
> I took Jaqian's original photo and cropped it and played around with it
> a bit in Photoshop, not necessarily to improve it, which in fact I
> could not do given the cropping I think it needed. My version, at
> http://www.ingraham.ca/bob/bobsinterpretationweb.jpg, is intended just
> as a suggestion of how the photograph might have been visualized
> differently than it was. I never intended to say that my version was a
> great photograph, which it patently is not.


Your version searches for some meaning from the original, and so you
crop to enhance some point of interest. But, in doing so, you've
eliminated the information that makes the original--exposure, and
all--a fine photograph. The original successfully conveys a mood: a
construction site and its surroundings at dawn. I've taken photos like
this because there's tension between the works of nature--the sky and
birds--and the works of man: the bridge, buildings, and cranes. There
is beauty in urban life.

The photographer seems uncertain of his vision by submitting this photo
for criticism; in the "old" days a camera club would have served his
purpose. Maybe there should be a group dedicated to this purpose.
Another consideration is why the photo was taken. Obviously, it was
simply because he liked what he saw. If so, then he can print it, frame
it, and hang it in his home. Maybe he sees commercial or artistic value
in it. He's a good photographer. He has a good eye. If he wants to
venture out into the commercial/art world, well, go for it. Nothing
ventured, nothing gained.


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