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Subject: Re: Opinions of my photo please

People keep saying that the photo is underexposed, or isn't. Yes it is,
no it isn't, yes it is. Here's a different take on the discussion:

In the real world, it's difficult or even impossible to take a
perfectly exposed photo. If highlights are properly exposed, shadows
will be underexposed, and vice versa. If mid-tones are properly
exposed, highlights will be over exposed and shadows underexposed. If a
scene contains specular reflections or other intense sources of light,
those parts of the image will be overexposed to the point of being
blocked and quite free of detail. A properly used incident light meter
provides the best opportunity of exposing a photograph for the average
range of light, which will be the correct exposure if the entire scene
were photo gray.

It seems to me that Jaqian's photo is pretty much properly exposed *for
the sky,* which is what he was trying to photograph in the first place.
So what if the foreground, which is in shadow, is underexposed? It
really doesn't matter! Of greater concern is the cropping, or lack of
it. How about a portrait orientatation 2/3 of the image concentrating
on four cranes and the beautiful clouds...and birds! A higher ISO might
have allowed a faster shutter speed, which might have captured the
birds more clearly, but a bit of sharpening served well. The bridge
could mostly go; I find the lights on it, and most of the other lights,
distracting. The bulk of the dark building at the right tries to
upstage the sunrise, but succeeds only in degrading the image.

Here's my take on Jaqian's image:



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Re: Opinions of my photo please
Re: Opinions of my photo please
Re: Opinions of my photo please

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