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Subject: Re: Olympus OM lenses to Olympus E-500 camera.

"Pvest" wrote in message news:43fe206b@news.broadpark.no...
I have an old Olympus OM-2 camera with several Olympus OM-system (Zuiko)
Recently I bought a new Olympus E-500 digital camera and I believe that I
red some place that these old Olympus OM lenses are compatible with Olympus
E-500 cameras? But they have to be used with manual focus, since they don't
have any electronics!!
I tried to attach one of these lenses to my E-500, but it doesn't seem to
fit and I don't wont to force it into the camera socket!!
So I wonder if anybody can confirm whether these old lenses can be used in
an Olympus E-500 camera or not?



You can get one free from olympus, just call Olympus Tech support and they
will send you one.


E-mail your name, address, and the serial number from your camera body to
e-slrpro@olympus.com along with a note requesting a 4/3 - OM adapter, and
Olympus should set you right up.



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Re: Olympus OM lenses to Olympus E-500 camera.

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