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Subject: Re: Model Search How to

I do not have a home based studio at
> this time, and I can not afford to be offering cash for models. Any
Ask your wife to be to ask some of her friends to pose for you. You don't
have to offer them money, but ask if you can give them two or three 8 X 10's
for their help. You might also throw in some wallets as they don't cost
much. Try to get all types of people, that is old, young, black, white,
female, male, fat and skinny. That way your book shows that you can do all
types. You don't have to do your work in a studio, you don't say where you
are at but if it is in warm climates, just do some at the park or in your
back yard. You can find cheap props for your subjects. A wooden chair
painted white, an old guitar that looks good in the front but someone
stepped on the back is fine. Have your wife to be to, help you. She will
like the job of shopping for this stuff. Ric in Wisconsin.


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