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Subject: Re: Lense Question

> Assuming I am going to stay with Cannon equiptment, I am thinking about
> picking up a new lense that will work on the rebel and on a new 1D or 5D.
> had a Tamron 2.8 fixed 90mm lense. I paid around 600 for it back when I
> it. It was stolen back a few months ago when someone got into my house
> ripped of my digital video equiptment.
> Anyway, I loved the quality of the tamron 90mm, it was really the best
> I ever owned. I am mainly shoot outdoor work, nature, closeups, some
> anminal shots, but I have a large 200-400mm lense. So I am mainly looking
> for high quality close up and nature shots. Lots of times I spend a lot
> time setting up shots outside to get the exact look I want, (messing with
> branches, leaves, etc). So thats the kind of work I want the lense for.
> am wondering if I should pick up the same lense again or if there is
> something else I might like you can recomend.

Modern lenes have computer chips in them to communicate with the body, and
the sensor reading the exposure reflecting off the 'film' plane. It gets
info them the cpu, or gives it some, about the lens opening (a 3.5-5.6 zoom
really does have some variable lens size depending on where the diaphram
moves, how the lens moves as the lenses move through the zoom range) This
info is passed to the flash and the shutter.

If your favorite old lens was chipped then you are good to go, if not, you
will loose some advantages of the new electronics.


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