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Subject: Re: How much to pay for wedding photo negatives?

a lot depends on what the guy charged to start with. You have photogs who
shot weddings for a few hundred bucks, or a few thousand. Five years ago,
the going rate for a photog shooting medium format was about 3,000 for
average coverage and album. about 20 percent would be in line with that.
Did you order extras for parents and other family back then? if so, remind
him of that, hey you were a good customer and didn't scan or xerrox the
proofbook and/or album. If he offered to sell them didn't he tell you a

> The gentleman who photographed our wedding offered to sell us the
> negatives after 5 years. Now that it has been 5 years I would like to
> purchase them, as I have a nice film scanner and would like to make
> digital archives of them.
> Before I contact him I would like to know what a good price is. There
> were 150 photos over all, according to the proof set of photos he gave
> to us, 120 format.
> Does anyone here shoot weddings and if so, do you ever sell negatives
> to clients? What do you charge?
> I'm not worried about getting screwed so much as just wondering what I
> should expect to shell out before I call him and possibly waste his
> time.
> Thanks,
> Qubit


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