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Subject: Re: How much to pay for wedding photo negatives?

Anywhere from $75.oo to $125.00
"Qubit" wrote in message
> The gentleman who photographed our wedding offered to sell us the
> negatives after 5 years. Now that it has been 5 years I would like to
> purchase them, as I have a nice film scanner and would like to make
> digital archives of them.
> Before I contact him I would like to know what a good price is. There
> were 150 photos over all, according to the proof set of photos he gave to
> us, 120 format.
> Does anyone here shoot weddings and if so, do you ever sell negatives to
> clients? What do you charge?
> I'm not worried about getting screwed so much as just wondering what I
> should expect to shell out before I call him and possibly waste his time.
> Thanks,
> Qubit


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