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Subject: Re: Help/Advice Wanted

Mike Ricletts wrote:
> I am seeking help/advice with a problem I am having. On bright days,
> some of the sky areas of my photos seem to be "layered". I have
> noticed this on other peoples photos but do not know what is causing
> it. I am using an Olympus E100RS which is a good camera but has
> limited megapixels - I normally shoot at HQ. Is this the problem?
> I have attached a link to demonstrate what I mean and it is
> particularly marked in the non-edited images I have used.
> Any help would be much appreciated as we get some fantastic blue
> skies at this time of year and I want to capture them in a better
> quality image.
> Mike Ricketts

Sunlight reflects off the earth, creating a washed-out effect, which is why
the sky color appears deeper near the top of your photos. Try using a
polarizing filter and/or not shooting in midday. Hope this helps!



"Accuse not Nature, she hath done her part; Do thou but thine." ~


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