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Subject: Re: HELP where can i have a portrate done with a victorian theme

> Hi,
> Can anyone help I am trying to have a family portrait done but with
> my family dressed in Victorian clothes, can anyone suggest a place in the
> preferably in the northwest that can do this.

Here in the 'colonies' it was really popular in the 70's and 80's,
especially when the original ones doing it where doing it original way, with
direct positive paper, (from what I understand the paper used in the old
fashioned black/white photo booths was basically a paper tintype) but then
slop and short cuts ruined it, I went to the county fair and had one done,
the samples were all photopaper but the print they gave me was a cheapest
possible inkjet.

However, here in the colonies there are lots of historical groups, like
civil war reinactors, whole armies of men and their families camp out,
march, fight wars with as much original gear and faithful recreations as
possible, and one of the most popular vendors is the photographer, who also
works with original gear and shoots with techniques that are the same as
used in the 1860's.

So ask around for groups that 'live' for that era. Also ask for
photographers who are into 'alt' process images, that usually means shooting
with extremely old fashioned techiques like deguerrotype, tintype, and
others, and usually these folks who are into that era tend to have a
collection of props and artifacts.


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HELP where can i have a portrate done with a victorian theme =>


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