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Subject: Re: Fuzzy spot on my phots

> I have noticed in MANY of my photographs that there's a patch that gets a
> fuzzy spot. I've done hours of research to see if it's something I'm
> wrong, by checking each photograph for exposure settings, focal points,
> settings, etc, and there just isn't a common denominator. Not all
> have this fuzzy spot, and since I found it happening I started taking two
> every shot to see what the difference was, and still haven't found the
> common denominator.
> Which leads me, like the proverbial carpenter, to blame my tools.
> Here's an example: www.africanbush.co.za/Tours/Corti/Corti3.htm
> In the top right hand corner is a darkened patch.
> Any ideas what might be causing it? My camera is the Minolta Dimage z1.

dust or something hanging behind the lens but off the sensor would be the
most likely culprit.


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Re: Fuzzy spot on my phots
Re: Fuzzy spot on my phots

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