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Subject: Re: Film camera question

Nicholas O. Lindan spake thus:

> "Luis Ortega" wrote
>>something that is happening only inside the negative frame itself.
> If this is 35mm, something everyone seems to be assuming,
> I'll toss my hat in with the sticky-vertical-shutter crowd.
> Vertical shutters were used on Exa's and Exakta 500s -- if there is
> one of these hanging around I'd bet money it's the one with the problem.

Oh, come on, Nicholas: how likely do you think it is that students would
be using these antiquated cameras?

Besides, I have an Exa, and it does indeed have a vertical shutter, but
it's definitely not a focal plane shutter. It's one of the weirdest
shutters I've ever seen, and even if it malfunctioned would not leave
that kind of an artifact within the exposed frame.

> A light leak is the usual culprit but 35mm cameras as a rule don't
> leak light into the mirror box. Is the film fogged or overexposed?

Read his post; he said the effect was within the frame only, implying no
fogging outside the frame, therefore not a light leak problem.

I hope that in a few years it [Wikipedia] will be so bloated that it
will simply disintegrate, because I can't stand the thought that this
thing might someday actually be used as a serious reference source.
Because in its current form, it's not to be taken seriously at all.

- Horst Prillinger (see


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