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Subject: Re: Film camera question

Thanks to all. I need to check out the various suggestion offered. To
clarify, the defect is not an undevelopment effect caused by the rails of
the reels impeding the developer along the sprocket hole areas but
something that is happening only inside the negative frame itself. It is
very evident on a contact sheet when you can see all of the frames side by
side. Each contact frame appears a little whiter and more washed out along
one edge, usually the bottom edge but sometimes the side edge.
I work in a school and see dozens of cameras in the darkroom so I can't do a
lot more than try to follow it up as it happens, but I am curious as to why
this is happening.
Thanks to all.

"Luis Ortega" wrote in message
>I see a lot of developed film and contact sheets at my school and every
>once in a while I see a roll of negatives or a contact sheet that has a
>thin band of lighter tone (darker on the negatives) at the bottom of most
>negative frames, as if all the frames got a little overexposure only along
>one edge. Usually it's the bottom of the negative frame, and the lighter
>band is soft edged and only about1 or 2 mm thick. The surrounding negative
>is normal and doesn't look fogged.
> Could this be caused by the shutter curtains slowing down a little at the
> end of the travel distance thus giving that part of the film a tiny bit
> more light? I can't determine if these defects correspong to the direction
> of travel of the camera's shutter curtain, but if it was caused by an
> inconsistent shutter curtain speed it should show up along the edge where
> the shutter curtain ends at.
> Can anyone advise on what couyld be causing this negative defect?
> Thanks for any advice.


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