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Subject: Re: Epson Printer question

In article <43d1339c.14587146@news.ucalgary.ca>, "GEO" Me@home.here

> On 20 Jan 2006 06:40:45 -0800, "Kernix" wrote:
> >I own the Stylus 2200 but it's been uplgugged for over a year. I
> >haven't been shooting, printing or scanning much - been playing and
> >writing music. Am I screwed? Is the ink going to dry (or has it dried),
> >and will that damage the printer? Is there a way to do repairs myself?
> A better place to ask: comp.periphs.printers

You'll probably need a new set of carts, but who knows? Try printing out
something or making a test print.

If you can't get any joy from it, do as I did - turn your Epson into a
doorstop and get yourself a hassle-free Canon printer.


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