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Subject: Re: Delurking and looking for advice.

In article , pecan.nospam@iafrica.com says...


>Somebody else emailed me offline, with a suggestion to boost the shadow and
>detail, also with an example. (was that you?)
>I am not sure whether he overdid it to show, but somehow I thought that
>while the birds could have had more light added, the result I was shown had
>gone flat.



Let me address just one small part of this thread, and offer some advice.

In Photoshop (CS & CS2), the Image>Adjustment>Highlight&Shadow is a wonderful,
time-saving tool. However, unlike Adjustment Layers, once it is done, there is
only a small window of opportunity to change/correct it: Edit>Fade, or go into
History, and drop back to a point before it was applied and re-do it.

To keep its functionality and power, but to maintain control, I use a workflow
of: Ctrl-j (copy Layer, with the main image Layer active, often Background, in
itallics, if you have not renamed it.) This gives me a dupe of the image Layer
to work with. Normal application of H&S on the dupe Layer. I make all the
necessary adjustments, before clicking OK. Now, because I have applied H&S to
the dupe Layer, I can adjust its Opacity. I can also create a Layer Mask and
paint in areas that I wish to "mask" out in the dupe Layer with H&S applied.

In this case, you can mask out the H&S, that might be applied to the tree
bark, but work only on the bird's head, and some of the shadow around the
bird. Save_As PSD with both Layers, so you can always go back. To upload to
Web, Save_For_Web, or for print, Save_As TIF, JPG, whatever. You always have
the intermediate PSD to step back to.

Hope this helps some.



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