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Subject: Re: Cleaning damaged 35mm slides?

Bob St John spake thus:

> We had a house fire, and most of my 35mm slides were damaged by water, dirt,
> etc.
> What is the best way to clean the slides?

Using film cleaner that's no longer available, since it's
environmentally damaging and toxic, like Kodak's film cleaner which has
CFCs in it (forget exactly what). I happen to have a bottle that I use

Others can suggest cleaners that are still available.

Basically, you want to handle the slides as little as possible. I'd
first try to remove as much loose dirt as possible, either with a soft
brush or compressed air, *carefully*. The idea is to drag dirt across
the surface of the slide as little as possible.

After cleaning loose dirt, you can soak the slide in plain water to
loosen any caked on/embedded dirt, soot, etc., then rinse, dip in dilute
Photo-Flo and hang to dry. (Probably best to do this after removing from

> While cleaning should I remove the film from the slide holders (some
> paper, some plastic)?

Yes, again *carefully*. Use a pair of tweezers once the slide is out of
the holder.

> My goal is to clean them up, then scan and digitize them.

You may be able to scan them without having to remount them.

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