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Subject: Re: Canon 1D vs 5D

Jeroen Wenting a écrit :
> You'd be disappointed with the 135 sized sensor (the term "fullframe" is
> complete bollocks, everything is "fullframe" for the format it's designed

With an EF lens mounted on a "small" sensor (20D or 1D), the image on
the sensor is not the "full" image the lens was designed to produce on
the film, but only a part of it.
The terme Full Frame means that you get on the sensor the image the lens
was designed to produce.

> Combined with the EF mount you're getting quite serious edge distortion,
> especially with shorter lenses.

Stop repeating things you did not check by yourself!! You did??

Here are some examples with a 5D

14mm http://www.pbase.com/thierry_nk/image/55128056
20mm http://www.pbase.com/thierry_nk/image/55135445
20mm http://www.pbase.com/thierry_nk/image/55114435
24mm http://www.pbase.com/thierry_nk/image/55133307
24mm http://www.pbase.com/thierry_nk/image/55114430
35mm http://www.pbase.com/thierry_nk/image/55135447

absolutely no post-treatment about distorsion

moreover here is an example with 14mm 1600 iso:


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