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Subject: Re: Canon 1D vs 5D

Jamie Dolan a écrit :
> HI,
> I am thinking about picking up a new camera in the next several months. (I
> haved shot a lot on the digital rebel, and the elan eos II, but I am really
> looking to get into something higher end) I am looking at the canon 1D and
> 5D.
> I noticed the following:
> The 5D is cheaper
> The 5D is a higher resloution
> The reviews I read say the CMOS is the same quality in the 1D and the 5D.
> So what is the reason I would want to buy the more expensive 1D vs, the
> higher resloution 5D?
> Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
> Jamie

I have both...

1D is better for
- hard conditions
- AF (45 AF points)
- sport (8 im/s)
- firewire interface
- long focal length (smaller sensor, so equivalent 35mm focal length is
- real 100% viewfinder (not 100% on 5D)
- built in grip (extra expense on 5D and really usefull)

5D is better for
- menu ergonomy (1D menus were designed by a dangerous psychotic)
- screen size (but no so important)
- higher resolution (Yes, I care about 50% more pixels for crops)
- better 800-1600 iso (I have a 1D MKII, not N, so in N and 5D perhaps
Canon made a "silent" software upgrade, or it is due to the size of the
sensor, I do not know, but really noticed a systematic difference)
- wide angles (a 14mm is really a 14mm, not a 22 on 2OD or a 18 on 1D)
- Ion-litium batteries

When I "go out", I have the 5D mounted with a 20-35 L2.8, the 1D mounted
with a 28-70 L2.8 (36-90 equivalent on 1D), a 70-200 L2.8IS, a flash and
a tripod in the back.



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